Here at Crossfit Winter Garden, we frequently hear the same comment from prospective clients who’ve never tried Crossfit before. While they’re stoked about the strength training aspect of Crossfit, they’re panicked about the HIIT training.

For the uninformed, HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. To put it simply, instead of jogging at a leisurely pace for an hour, you opt to do some killer cardio moves at full intensity for short intervals of time. A perfect example of a HIIT workout would be jumping rope or doing burpees. HIIT is essential to Crossfit.

If HIIT sounds intimidating, bear in mind that we were all beginners once. Hence, no one is going to judge you if you can’t complete all of the burpees you wanted to in a specified amount of time. Furthermore, it’s important to remember that doing HIIT might seem like a drag, but it’s so worth it. Here are some of the benefits of a HIIT workout.

You’ll Blast Through The Calories

Have you ever spent 45 laborious minutes on the treadmill, only to check the panel and find that you’ve only burned a measly 100 calories? Long periods of moderate intensity workouts might feel like they’re blasting fat, but sadly, they’re not really doing much of anything besides improving your cardiovascular endurance. If you really want to burn calories, you have to get your heart rate up to maximum intensity. Fortunately, HIIT achieves this.

You Burn Calories After Your Workout

Newbies might think that HIIT is suffering, but we can’t begin to convey how extremely beneficial HIIT is if you’re trying to lose weight. Numerous studies have found that after a session of HIIT, your metabolism stays raised about its normal rate. This is invaluable if you’re trying to burn fat and drop the pounds. Studies show that overweight and obese individuals have better results with HIIT than they do with traditional cardio workouts such as jogging.

It Helps To Build Muscle

If you’re investigating Orlando CrossFit facilities, then chances are that you’re someone who wants to gain some visible muscle and feel strong. While it’s pretty difficult to gain muscle from jogging or cycling, studies show that HIIT training, despite being known as a cardio activity, can actually help to improve muscle mass. This is often attributed to the fact that HIIT moves tend to be more challenging and require a lot of core and lower body work. This, muscle development is often seen in these regions in those who do HIIT regularly.

Give It A Chance

We once saw a trainer refer to cardio as “the necessary evil.” While some people really love cardio, others don’t. Those who dislike cardio are often leery of HIIT, since it seems like an ordinary cardio workout amped up to the nth degree.

While HIIT might be challenging for those who’ve never done it before, it can offer amazing benefits that traditional cardio simply cannot. Contact your Winter Garden Crossfit today to learn more about how you can improve your confidence, health and body with HIIT and other Crossfit workouts.