Meet The Coaches



Born and raised in Key West, Florida, Lee Lovette’s life revolved around the water and sports. On a small island there isn’t much to do except be active. Lee grew up playing baseball and soccer. He went to High School on a soccer scholarship which transpired into a College scholarship. His soccer career made it to the semi-pro level. He was always in the gym moving weights and being active. There wasn’t a sport that he didn’t at least try once, and if competition was involved, he was there. Naturally he adapted well to “The Sport of Fitness.”

Lee spent the last 14 years of his adult life as a police officer in Key West. During that time, he was an active SWAT officer for 10 years, and he was a Search and Recovery Diver for 12 years. Both of these duties were physically challenging assignments. Lee was also an instructor for both of these specialties. These opportunities not only kept him in great physical shape, but it also gave him the ability to hone his coaching skills, and reach students on multiple levels of communication to meet their learning needs. This again inadvertently adapted him well to “The Sport of Fitness.”

Lee has been a CrossFit Athlete for the last 5 years, a competitive CrossFit athlete for the last 4 years, as well as a L1 Coach. His latest CrossFit avenue has lead him towards being a strongman competitor the last 2 years. He’s been blessed to study under Games athletes such as Chris Spealler and Noah Olson. Lee has spent the last 3 years training and programming under the tutelage of Craig Wynn of CrossFit Mile Zero.  It was only natural that his next step in his CrossFit evolution was to branch off on to his own and settle down in the heart of Winter Garden, FL. Lee say’s that he’s honored to bring all of his training and experience to CrossFit Winter Garden.



Cale Dubay CrossFit WInter Garden

Cale Dubay is a certified strength and conditioning professional in Orlando. This is his passion as he has been helping others with fitness for 6 years. He currently offers his services at CrossFit Winter Garden located in Winter Garden Florida. His experience includes Olympic lifting, sports performance, endurance training, flexibility, muscle toning and weight loss.

Cale has a special interest in running performance and Olympic lifting.​  Cale is originally from Caribou, Maine but currently resides in Orlando with his wife Melissa and new daughter Emerson. He attended the University of New Hampshire and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. He competed at the Division 1 level in track and field, primarily focusing on the 800 and mile. His certifications include, USA Track and Field, Level 1 CrossFit, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and OPEX Level 1 Assessment and Program Design.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” – Steve Prefontaine




Ashley Clement is originally from Houston, Texas. She grew up playing as many sports as possible, from competitive gymnastics and junior Olympic volleyball, to track and swimming. Ashley knew sports and being active was a passion and held boot camps to motivate others. She moved to Florida in 2011 to become a professional wrestler for the WWE. A friend introduced her to Crossfit and soon after became a Crossfit competitor. Ashley now resides in Winter Garden with her husband Matt Clement. She has found a second home at Crossfit Winter Garden. Ashley has been coaching with her L1 since 2014. She also enjoys cross training and leads the HIIT classes and boot camps. Proper technique and modifying movements to strengthen skills or work around injuries is the individual attention Ashley likes to give to each member.

“More than anything, I want to motivate members to be the best versions of themselves. Stronger, better, faster.”