There are so many different trends in physical fitness today that it is a bit overwhelming to begin if you are looking to get in shape. These trends tend to pass once studies show that certain techniques aren’t as effective as previously thought, or the price is too high to maintain. But the easiest and most effective way of motivating a person is to make you work out with other people. Adding another person into the equation pushes you to do that extra rep, or take that last stride.

To know that you have others watching you makes you want to do so much better for not only yourself, but to satisfy others too. Personal training is a way that you can use someone else to motivate you to work harder, but there are some huge benefits when working out with others in a CrossFit community, which includes this Winter Garden CrossFit.


CrossFit is not only a workout, it is a community. It is a group of people with a shared interest. That interest is to get healthier by exercise. At Winter Garden CrossFit, you will feel part of a team. Each person is part of a group that goes through the same workouts, struggles, pain, etc. When you go through a difficulty in your workout, the person next to you is also. Most gyms will even post activities outside of the gym to try to create closer ties within the group. It allows you to create friendships and lasting relationships with each other. When using a personal trainer, it is you and the trainer. It can be a hit or miss, but the majority of the time you won’t hang out afterwards. The trainer does the same thing with multiple people, so if he/she remembers your name call it a win.


Going along with the community aspect, you can create competition among your gym partners. You may want to try to beat the fastest time of the gym during your workout of the day, or you may have one other person you want to beat in particular. Both scenarios are forcing you to try harder. You are not just working against yourself. If you have beaten everyone in your gym, there are CrossFit competitions that are becoming more popular. You are doing these same workouts, and can even compare yourself to them. Working against yourself can become boring and demotivate yourself.


Price can vary depending on where you go, but the majority of CrossFit gyms are incredibly affordable when you compare them to the cost of having a personal trainer. A personal training session can range anywhere from $35-$50+ per session depending on the trainer. With CrossFit, you normally have one price that gives you access to everything for a single monthly cost. You can work out with the group or do your own thing. The gym is yours to play in. Personal trainers are expensive and restricted. You only have certain workouts that the trainer will teach you, and you may even have to pay for a gym or equipment.

The only real way to know for yourself is to try. Come into CrossFit Winter Garden to try it out for yourself!