CrossFit Winter Garden Opens in the Heart of Winter Garden, Florida

CrossFit Winter Garden is proud to announce that they have opened their doors to the general public. Months of planning and construction have culminated into a modern fitness facility in the Heart of Winter Garden, Florida.

What began as a hobby with a few friends on the beach, in local parks and garages turned into an entire community dedicated to health. The overwhelming devotion and camaraderie among our members is instantly contagious the moment you step foot in the gym.

Lee Lovette, owner and coach, started CrossFit Winter Garden, whose facility is represented by their Wolf and is apply nicknamed the “Wolfs Den”. Lee realized the impact fitness had on his quality of life and has been dedicated to helping others achieve their goals ever since. Lee states, “This new facility is a testament to our commitment to stay in the Winter Garden area for years to come. We believe fitness is a long-term process and this facility provides the room necessary to transform our minds and bodies.”

CrossFit Winter Garden boasts amazing, educated and local coaches with various backgrounds and specialties committed to developing members in the areas of fitness, nutrition and sports. Combined with the redesigned 2200-sq.ft. facility and unwavering passion, CrossFit Winter Garden aims to plant health and fitness deep into the local community. At CFWG, their smaller class sizes and personal member engagement is what sets them apart from their competition.

This Winter Garden gym is offering a free introductory class for first-timers. If you’ve ever wondered if CrossFit was for you (pro-tip: CrossFit is for everyone), here’s your chance to give it a try.

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