CrossFit is relatively new in the workout world, having only made its way into the mainstream about 15 years ago. The craze started in California and has since made its way across the rest of the country (and world). CrossFit combines Olympic-style weightlifting with intense interval training to offer a one-of-a-kind type of workout. Anyone at any level can start doing CrossFit. Here are a number of benefits of joining this Winter Garden CrossFit:

The workouts are intense, in the best way possible

CrossFit moves fast, which is good news for people with packed schedules. While workouts can go for longer, you can get in a solid workout in just 15 minutes, if that’s all the time you have. Add in a hot shower and you’ll be in and out within half an hour.

You’ll be motivated to keep going.

The intensity of CrossFit workouts is precisely what keeps bringing people back for more. Pushing yourself to do things you didn’t know you can do is addicting – you’ll want to see what you’re capable of, causing you to come back to the gym just about every day.

You’ll make a bunch of new friends who share the same interests

CrossFit Winter Garden is a community of its own. You’ll get to know the people you workout with, you’ll build relationships with them and you’ll end up with a few new friendships. In turn, you’ll find people who will encourage you to keep working out and challenging yourself, and you’ll be that person for others, too.

You’ll never be bored

One of the core principles of CrossFit is to keep your body – and mind – guessing. You won’t get used to anyone’s workout because they’re going to change every time you walk into the gym. Some days, you’ll want to head back to the gym just to find out what’s in store!

Coaching feels personalized

While you’ll be in classes with other students, you’ll still get plenty of one-on-one help from your coach. The coach is there to make sure you’re keeping the right form while working out and that you feel motivated every step of the way. Your coach won’t just whip you into shape – he’ll also be your friend, your nutritionist and your support system.

More than just your body will shape up

CrossFit is excellent for your heart because your heart rate is going to be elevated throughout the entire workout. Your endurance will increase, which is exactly what you’ll need to keep up with a CrossFit regime. You’ll also notice other components of your health improving, like your agility, flexibility, and balance.

CrossFit can make your daily life much better

For people who have aches and pains on a regular basis, CrossFit can make your daily life much better. By moving your body in all different directions, your joint mobility will improve. In your everyday life, you’ll have less of a chance of getting hurt doing basic tasks.

This Orlando CrossFit truly believes that CrossFit is for everyone. It’s an exciting and challenging way to get and stay in shape. More than just a workout, CrossFit is a complete lifestyle – you’ll develop new habits along with a new and improved body. Contact us today to get started!